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The benefits of managed hosting

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Having a web presence is very essential for all kinds of businesses today whether home based, large scale, service providers, etc. Almost all the companies today have their own websites and that requires them to either lease a web server or own one such that the content of the website is easily transferred to other computers where users type the address of the website. Thus, web hosting or internet hosting involves making websites accessible on the World Wide Web.

What is managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a kind of website hosting and is similar to or an extension of dedicated hosting where the hardware involved is also owned by the web hosting service provider that is generally leased to a single client. However it differs from dedicated hosting where the management of the server and also the everyday management of the server is managed and maintained by the web host instead of the clients or website owners.
Usually managed hosting involves server monitoring that involves scanning the servers for potential failures, irregularities, etc and rectifying the same before they complicate into service disruption or major issues. Virus scanning, spam filtering, firewall configuration, updating operating systems, etc are a part of security service provided by the managed hosting service provider.
Supporter managing server for web hosting

Factors to be considered while choosing a Website Hosting Server

Of the various factors to be considered; one important factor to be looked at is the disc space and bandwidth provided by the host. Disc space refers to the amount of space on the server that the host assigns to the user. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to access and leave the user’s website.
Support and uptime are useful considerations in all cases. All users would like a 100% uptime and good technical support, although smaller or medium sized users might find it harder to do without such full-time technical support. Choosing a managed web hosting brings with it a host of advantages for the user – from offering server scanning to gauge potential failures and faults to finding out major issues like configuration and updating the operation systems, firewall, spam filtering and more. There are many more advantages that one can look up for –

Other advantages of managed hosting

As a company, you will never wish to lose any of your date and managed hosting involves file back-up and storage as well. Thus, you can be certain that you never lose any of your data. Most of the managed hosting service providers offer a 24/7 customer support where you can get all issues if any sorted out by contacting the customer support.
Managed hosting is a cost effective web hosting because if you manage hardware and the skills required to maintain it a lot of money and expense will be involved in case of in-house web hosting. Thus, you can save that money as the hardware is managed and maintained by the managed hosting service provider. However, it is always advisable to choose the right professional for managed hosting services.

You can learn more about and the benefits of managed web hosting by reading the Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Managed_dedicated_server

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