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How is shared hosting different from other plans?

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Summary: Do you know that there are different types of hosting plans? Now, let us gather some details about shared hosting plans.

When you begin shopping for web hosting services, you are sure to come across the term “shared hosting“. This can be the ideal solution, when you are looking for affordable web hosting solutions. Do you know that this is the least expensive and popular of all the paid hosting services available in the market? You might be thinking whether shared hosting can be the right option for you. But, before arriving at the decision, it is better to get a detailed understanding of this concept.

What is shared hosting?

For making sure that your website can be viewed by people from around the world, your web pages, files and software programs should reside on the server of a hosting service. This server will be connected to the internet by the web hosting service, so that your website will become viewable on the World Wide Web.
To get your site on the internet, there are different options available. For instance, you can opt to own a server in your own company in which case the server will be wholly dedicated to your company and this service is called as dedicated hosting. On the other hand, when you decide to share the server space with other websites it is referred to as shared hosting. In short, when you choose such a hosting service, your website will share the resource of the server with many other websites. Here, the web hosting service will provide complete access to your account alone on their server with many features and resources.

Responsibilities of the hosting service

When you choose shared hosting service, the hosting company will take care of the server maintenance work. For instance, when it comes to maintenance work, they may replace the drivers or can also upgrade their operating system software. On the other hand, your website responsibility and maintenance will be with you and you will be provided access to the control panel and can monitor your traffic, can install applications, can set up your email and can upload files.
Most of these service providers do not offer any website maintenance service for your website, which should be taken care by you. As the server will be shared by many clients of the web hosting company, they will allocate a specific amount of disc space and bandwidth to each of their customers and also you will be provided with the control through control panel.

Why should you opt for shared hosting?

One of the important reasons for the popularity of shared hosting is the affordability. Those individuals, small and medium sized businesses with moderate traffic to their websites can very well opt for this type of hosting service. As this is a competitive environment, you can find hosting services offering attractive features at affordable costs. Here are the advantages of this type of hosting:

  • Affordability
  • Scalability
  • Features

When analyzing the negative aspects, there will be file and resource restrictions on this type and sometimes there are chances of slow performance of websites hosted under a shared hosting plan.

Below you will find an illustration of how shared hosting works contra dedicated and cloud/VPS hosting.


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