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Web presence and web hosting: A knowhow

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Web presence is very important for businesses big and small which requires them to seek a website hosting service provider. Also known as internet hosting, web hosting is required to make websites accessible on the World Wide Web. Website hosting companies are those that provide space on a server that is either owned or leased by the company wanting a web presence via their websites. The web hosts also provide the necessary internet connectivity basically as data center. Such web hosts also provide data center and internet connectivity for other servers as well that are sited in their data center and this is called as collocation or Housing.

How does website hosting work? Why is it important?

The most simple and primary kind of web hosting is web page and small-scale file hosting. FTP or File Transfer Protocol (we recommend the FPT client FileZilla) is used for uploading files in such small scale file hosting. Often this service is provided free by many of the Internet Service Providers or ISPs. The choice of website hosting service providers depends on the business or the company where they can hire alternate service providers other than the internet service providers.
Depending on the size of the website and the kind of website the personal web site hosting might either be free or will cost you where typically business website hosting is expensive while personal website hosting is free or rather cheap.

The types of website hosting and understanding how it works

Hiring web hosts is ideal for companies that do not have their own web servers. Shared web hosting, website builder, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting are the four types of website hosting. So, how does the website hosting services work? They store your website files in high powered computers or web servers that are generally connected to very fast network. And when your website address is typed on a computer, your website information is transferred to that computer from the web server harboring your website. Thus the user will be able to browse and surf through all the pages of your website.
Domain name is another important aspect of web hosting where your site must have a relevant domain name for it to be found on the internet. The importance of domain name is quite tricky where today most of the websites opt to insert the important keywords in domain name of their websites for instant recognition and even for gaining high rank on the search engines. In a layman’s language, a domain name is the key to find your website on the World Wide Web. The higher your online presence, the better is your recognition.

The importance of website hosting

Many companies today incur 60% of their revenue online which means that they increase their profits by having an online presence. Thus choosing the right domain name and the right web hosting service is very important. Hiring web hosts or using the data center of your internet service provider is your best option if you cannot afford your own web server.

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