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What is Web Hosting?

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What is Web Hosting? – Some Fundamental Details to Know

Summary: If you are new to the term “web hosting”, here are some fundamental details to understand.
Web hosting is nothing, but a service that can make your portal available to be viewed by others on the World Wide Web. A company that offers web hosting service will provide space for your website on their server, in such a way that other people from around the world can get access to your website.

About web hosting service:

When talking about web hosting service providers, there are thousands of such companies operating, while some of the offers free service. Not just free services, but there are paid web hosting service providers as well. When it comes to the selection of such a service, it should be done based on a number of factors like how you are planning to use your website and what you are ready to spend for such a service provider. When you are planning to establish a website and are planning to hire such a service provider, it is important that you will have to understand the different types of web hosting services and here are the types explained.


Types of web hosting services:

Internet Service Providers:

Shortly called as ISPs, many website owners decide to get their first website hosted just from their Internet service providers themselves. The reason is that this is the easy and affordable option. Most of these ISPs offer a small amount of free space on the internet and they will also provide their customers with the tools needed for creating and uploading websites at a faster pace. So, if you are planning for a small website with minimal traffic, you can get in touch with your ISP. However, in such a case there will be rate restrictions and most of these service providers do not offer lot of features. This is why this cannot be the right option for thriving business websites.

Free web hosting:

This is another option available for smaller and personal websites and when you conduct your internet search, you will be in a position to come across many such free web hosting companies. The problem with such a service is that they will crowd your website with a number of advertisements. The reason is that they do not charge anything for hosting, but they earn through these advertisements. So, this can be suitable for personal websites as against business portals.

Paid hosting:

When you choose such a service, you will have to pay for the space allotted by the hosting company on their server for your website. The monthly fee charged by these services can be somewhere between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars. The more you are ready to pay, better features you can enjoy.

Domain hosting:

This is the good option for small businesses. These service providers will permit you to host your website anywhere like an ISP, free hosting or even on your own server. Generally, your website should have a domain name and rather than purchasing a domain name and hosting service separately, selecting a domain hosting service will be affordable.
These are just fundamental types of web hosting services and there are many other types as well.

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