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What is a DNS Service?

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DNS or Domain Name System is a very popular term used on the great internet. It can be thought as the equivalent to phone book of the internet. All the websites are associated with an IP address which is used to identify a particular website. It is not easy to remember the IP address of a specific website, so the term name has come into existence. Domain names are stored on domain name servers which are used to resolve the IP address of any website based on the domain name/URL.
UnoEuro is known for providing one of the best domain name system solutions in Denmark. If you are hosting a website using the services of UnoEuro then it will provide you with full access to your DNS controlpanel. When you setup a web hosting plan at them, they will also provide your with their own name server, which is usually “ns1.unoeuro.com”, “ns2.unoeuro.com” and “ns3.unoeuro.com”, though the nameservers can be changed if you prefer. E.g. you can change to CloudFlare DNS, which got one of the fatest and most secure DNS in the world. Though this service is easily available with the hosting and DNS plans at UnoEuro or companies alike.
When you hit any website using the URL, then your computer looks in its local cache of DNS which is stored on your computer, if it does not find it, then it performs a simple DNS query to find out which website you are looking for. The DNS server then checks for all the listings which is available for the particular URL and returns you the result. All this is done within milliseconds.

Domain name – What is important to remember?

Choosing a good Domain name service provider, thus becomes very much important for any business. It is very much advisable to go for such a service provider, which can help you to get the most for your website. UnoEuro provides Hosting and Domain name services under one roof and makes the process of getting domain name service and hosting services hassle free.
Your domain name is very much important as it builds your credibility. The domain makes the first impression on any person visiting your website (Relevant article: How to pick a domain name). So, it is very much important for growth of your business as well. As having a great name also gives the uniqueness to your website, and therefore it is very much important, that you choose the best domain name possible. Before choosing any domain name, you should try to incorporate the name of your company, as it will help you more in branding your company not only this, the visitors will also know about your brand name and it will help to increase your business. Furthermore, your visitors feel safe when they know, that they are on the official website compared to having a domain which makes no sense to your brand, product, service etc.
As a bonus, if you decide to register your website or just your domain at them, you can get a voucher which will give you 25% more for your money.

More than just a DNS service

UnoEuro also provides you the personalized email addresses with your domain name. It is very much needed if you own a company to have the email id associated with your .dk, .com etc. website. They also provide you to choose multiple email ids based on your domain name. You can thus, choose different email ids for different sections of your business and giving a good impression of your business on your visitors.
If you already own a website, then you can also change/move your hosting to UnoEuro having the same domain name. They can help you with transferring your website from another hosting site to their. You can get many other services which can help you keep your website always available to your visitors.

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